Turning Code Into Revenues

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Team Overview

  • PHP and javascript expertise
  • Backend services development by PHP
  • Database handling by MySql and Elasticsearch
  • Front-end developers and designers builds UI using modern outcomes of bootstrap, jQuery and Angular.js
  • High load distributes systems
  • Big Data processing
  • Processing automation with use of advantages of UNIX environment like bash, awk, etc…

Continuous Integration

  • Docker-based images used to deliver a code and environment for different stages
  • Versions control powered by git system
  • Automated tests and monitoring guarantees the stability of our systems

    API Integrations

    • E-commerce support by modern services like AWSECommerceService, Walmart, eBay Commerce Network, Connexity APIs
    • Automated integration with modern cloud providers: Google Drive, Dropbox

    How We Spend Our Coding Time, Usually

    • Affiliate Models 30% 30%
    • Traffic Redirect Systems 15% 15%
    • Social Networks 5% 5%
    • Online News Sites 5% 5%
    • Lead Generation 15% 15%
    • CRM & Customer Success Systems 20% 20%
    • QA 10% 10%