A monetization platform that uses machine learning to improve publisher traffic quality and connect it with premium eCommerce merchants.

The Challenge

To repurpose an adtech company to serve a changing industry. Transition it from a pure focus on software monetization and diversify into an API platform that has the versatility to serve RTB platforms, ad networks and rich media widgets.

The Solution

The creation of a nimble API based monetization platform that allows for versatility of publisher use cases while maintaining automated mechanisms for traffic quality optimization and to serve advertiser revenue and conversion goals. 


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign


Day Turnaround


Conversion Rates

Multiple Pathways for Content Monetization

Visual Search

Publisher users find and discover relevant offers, in real time, by analyzing product images.

Search Suggest

Auto complete general search queries with beautiful product results, when relevant.

Shopping Ads

Embedded on your site it enhances your content, showcasing the products discussed on each page.


Ecom Search API

Allowing a plethora of publishers to integrate with our API.

  • Conversion Rate 3% 3%
  • Network Traffic 57% 57%
  • New Publishers 70% 70%
  • YOY Growth Avg. 82% 82%

The Results Were Amazing

Complete company transformation, opening up of multiple new business lines, the completion of a ground-up ad server which includes custom-made analytics and machine learning to power descision making of traffic optimization. 

We Rethought Everything

Complete Transformation

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