Creating new markets via digital publishing and advertising technologies.

Blue Ocean

User First

We focus on amazing user experiences and value, driven by bleeding edge technologies.

Mass Scale

If it can’t hit 1B users, or an analogous level of activity, we’re not interested.

Problem Solvers

Process driven flows to turn any challenge into an opportunity, our business analysts co-work with our devs.

Relationship Matters

At the core of our philosophy are relationships, partnerships and business development.


iLeviathan’s focus is aroudn Industry transformation using technology, innovative business model and advanced product development practices. iLeviathan is guided by 40 years of combined Internet business experience and informed by proven best practices across our operations.

  • Performance Marketing
  • Ecommerce expertise
  • Product Development
  • Ad Networks
Nico Black

Nico Black

CEO & Founder

$300MM in top line revenues at @Superfish, former marketing lead @Reimage (was sold to @Playtech).

Alex Kalensky

Alex Kalensky


+ 10 years in ecommerce systems development. Systems architect @ Netvertise, dev teams manager.

Guy Rotberg

Guy Rotberg


Former CEO & Founder at Meijob, heads up our operations, execution of business and product strategy.